Hessenhut / Hessencabine landscape object

  photo’s by: Ellen Boersma & Rob Sweere The story of the new Hessenhut On the beautiful viewpoint on top of the Goudsberg / Goldmountain there has been a Hessenhut / … Continue Reading →



Friends of the museum of modern art CODA in Apeldoorn did a performance in silence in the empty exhibition hall. The photo is 20×30 cm Piezoprint, a multiple of 40. … Continue Reading →


Bronkhorst Baken

Proposal for permanent artwork, standing on the dike overlooking the green fields and the river. Close to the galerie Kunstgemaal Bronkhorst. http://www.hetkunstgemaal.nl/ Director: Joost Wolters. Bronkhorst, The Netherlands.   by


Das Kloster-Bentlage Projekt DWELLING

Das Kloster-Bentlage Projekt will become a series of permanent artworks on the estate of Kloster Bentlage, Rheine, Germany. Each artwork will relate in a different way to the landscape and it’s … Continue Reading →


Das Kloster-Bentlage Projekt STYX

Das Kloster-Bentlage Projekt will become a series of permanent artworks on the estate of Kloster Bentlage, Rheine, Germany. Each artwork will relate in a different way to the landscape and it’s … Continue Reading →


Das Kloster-Bentlage Projekt SKYBOX

Das Kloster-Bentlage Projekt will become a series of permanent artworks on the estate of Kloster Bentlage, Rheine, Germany. Each artwork will relate in a different way to the landscape and it’s … Continue Reading →

New e-mail adresse: robsweere.artworks@gmail.com

New e-mail adresse: robsweere.artworks@gmail.com by


SCREENSHOTS photo series

SCREENSHOTS photo series Piezoprint each 50×70 cm.   by



    ALLIANDER ART OF BATTERIES from arteffects on Vimeo. by



DE GIEK / THE BOOM HET VIJFDE LANDSCHAP / The Fifth Landscape – location Veeneindeweg This project is on the countryside in Vriezenveen. In 1955 the landscape was deeply changed … Continue Reading →


Silent Sky Project#63

Silent Sky Project#63  October 9th  2014, 12.35 – 13.05 pm, 41 participants, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. . . . In front of the cityhall on the market square a group of … Continue Reading →


Lighttrees Three installations

LIGHTTREES – Trunk During the days more and more caterpillars adopted the artwork as their home. Arnhem, The Netherlands. Thanks to: community art project: -Zon op Zuid-   LIGHTTREES – Two … Continue Reading →


Silent Sky Project#62

Silent Sky Project#62  October 5th  2014, 13.12 – 13.42 pm, 23 participants, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A group of people connected to the christian community OZ100 looked at the sky in … Continue Reading →


DRONE 2.0 at Nijmegen Artnight

DRONE 2.0 at the kunstnacht in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. In front of Museum Het Valkhof.  photo’s: Ellen Boersma, Koos Schaart, Rob Sweere.                 … Continue Reading →


Contemplatorium-Vortex at Textile Museum

Contemplatorium-Vortex at the Textiel Museum, Tilburg, The Netherlands. At the opening of the exhibition BUILDING WITH TEXTILES.   by


Silent Sky Project#61

Silent Sky Project#61  July 23th  2014, 19.46 – 20.16 pm, 21 participants, Saint Petersburg, Russia.     At square in front of the Hermitage in the center of Saint Petersburg … Continue Reading →


Silent Sky Project#60

Silent Sky Project#60  July 11th  2014, 13.22 – 13.52 pm, 9 participants, Park Kultury, Moscow, Russia.         Silent Sky Project# 60: Museum of Moscow  In the inner … Continue Reading →


Silent Sky Project#59

Silent Sky Project#59  July 10th  2014, 20.33 – 20.46 pm, 6 participants, Sokol, Moscow, Russia. Silent Sky Project# 59: Sokol Neighbourhood Museum  In the garden of the Sokol administration building, … Continue Reading →


Silent Sky Project#58

Silent Sky Project#58  July 10th  2014, 13.45 – 14.15 pm, 16 participants, Ostankino, Moscow, Russia. Silent Sky Porject#58: Ostankino Estate Museum The employees of the Ostankino Estate Museum (5 Ostankinskaya … Continue Reading →


HEADS at beach Hoek van Holland

HEADS A series of four works at the beach of Hoek van Holland. Overviewing the harbour of Rotterdam. And two video’s with the soundscapes made by Arnoud Traa. Thanks: Annemarie Mosterd … Continue Reading →


HEADS at Rotterdam Central Station

HEADS A series of four works at Rotterdam Central Station.  Thanks: Annemarie Mosterd – Stad aan Zee – Wereldhavendagen Photo’s: Ellen Boersma & Rob Sweere by


DRONE 2.0 at Rotterdam Central Station

DRONE 2.0 at Rotterdam Central Station with a special new sound made by Mars F. Wellink.  Thanks to: Annemarie Mosterd – Stad aan Zee – Wereldhavendag Photo’s: Ellen Boersma  by


The Fifth Landscape

  HET VIJFDE LANDSCHAP – location Fayersheide This project is on the countryside in Vriezenveen. The Oak tree will grow into the form, the work will be finished the year … Continue Reading →


Under Your Skin at EYE Amsterdam

UNDER YOUR SKIN at the opening, june 21st, of  David Cronenberg – The Exhibition at EYE Amsterdam! Thanks to: EYE, EXPOSED – especially Adriënne van der Werf. Photo’s by Ellen Boersma.   by


Silent Sky Project#57

Silent Sky Project#57  June 22nd  2014, 16.42 – 17.12 pm, 35 participants, Haarlem, The Netherlands. . . . Visitors at the opening of the exhibition LUCHT! looked at the sky … Continue Reading →


Speeluiterwaarden met Kinderen / Playfloodplains with kids

Children spend lot’s of time indoors behind the computer and tv. At Speeluiterwaarden the kids are taken outdoors. In three days and six workshops I had the kids contemplated in silence … Continue Reading →


Walking Trees at Keizersrande, Diepenveen.

Walking Trees at Keizersrande  One and a half hour in silence moving over the estate of Keizersrande in Diepenveen, The Netherlands. Thanks to: http://www.keizersrande.nl/ Above: THE EYE Ten minutes standing still…looking … Continue Reading →


Mediamatic Amsterdam

BLOG: http://keep-hush.com/2014/05/21/rob-sweere-presents-whiteness/ by



DRONE 2.0 Archisculpture for the experience of sound. Soundscapes made by Mars F. Wellink. Wood, paint, loudspeakers, amplifier. 12 metres long, 3 meters high. In the background Instamatic & Silent … Continue Reading →


Whiteness performance

Performance by the audience at the Ignite evening at Mediamatic, Amsterdam. april 30th 2014 All day we look at projections on a screen. What about the screen itself? You can look … Continue Reading →

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 6.52.31 PM


LUCY CUBE a one-room-hotel

  LUCY CUBE a one-room-hotel. Situated on an old sand funnel in the harbor of Deventer, The Netherlands. Design in collaboration with Mulder van den Berk architects. Two black cubes … Continue Reading →

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 10.06.56 AM

Silent City at AVRO’S KUNSTUUR

Silent City at AVRO’S KUNSTUUR National TV, The Netherlands. march 30th 2014 Rob Sweere & Team www.silentcity.nu by



Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 1.07.39 PM

local TV N1




soloshow Galerie Bart

Soloshow at galerie Bart, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.     March-April 2014 News item made by local TV N1: A selection of the works from the basement through the roof… and newspaper … Continue Reading →


Silent City & Avro’s Kunstuur

We had a beautiful sunny springday for the meeting of Silent City and Avro’s Kunstuur. Broadcast at march 30th, 18.50 Nederland 2. http://avro.nl/kunstuur/ Special thanks to Tamar Oosterlaar, from our team,who … Continue Reading →


Silent City at Art Rotterdam

Silent City at Art Rotterdam Februari 5-9 2014   by


Into the Bubble



Premiere Silent City at Art Rotterdam

New website: www.silentcity.nu INVITATION: Art Rotterdam 2014 http://www.artrotterdam.com/users/128/content/Home/silent%20city%202014%20.html New venue: Van Nellefabriek Rotterdam 6 – 9 February 2014, Opening: February  5 Silent City Team: Rob Sweere, Art-Impact, Mothership, Airprob, Ruud Willems.       … Continue Reading →



Lightspace Everyone experiences him or herself as the center of the universe. Once you are standing on the pedestal, you are in the center of the movement and the blue … Continue Reading →


The Fifth Landscape

HET VIJFDE LANDSCHAP This project is going to be realised in 2014 on the countryside in Vriezenveen. In 1955 the landscape was deeply changed for agriculture purposes with heavy industrial … Continue Reading →

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 10.50.25 PM

Blogs around the world

Different blogs with different works in different languages: Each line is a link into a new window: http://edition.cnn.com/2014/08/18/travel/gallery/futuristic-wilderness-escape-pods/index.html http://casavogue.globo.com/Design/Design-arte/noticia/2013/12/arvore-do-amor-natureza-e-bate-papo.html http://www.weather.com/home-garden/rob-sweere-sledge-project-sled-homes-greenland-photos-20131218 http://topkvadrat.ru/freestyle/article/gollandskiy-hudozhnik-pridumal-dom-sani-dlya-zhite-23297 http://www.designboom.com/art/nomadic-sled-habitats-by-rob-sweere-move-across-the-arctic-11-20-2013/ http://www.designboom.com/art/love-tree-dwelling-encourages-meditation-and-conversation-11-19-2013/ http://www.designboom.com/art/rob-sweere-suspends-the-hub-in-a-forest-11-17-2013/ http://www.onlinegalerij.nl/portfolio/rob-sweere/#.Up5QgGRDta8 http://blog.gessato.com/2013/11/28/sledge-project-by-rob-sweere/ http://interiorzine.com/2013/11/22/contemplatorium-by-rob-sweere/ http://www.creatif.org.uk/Blogs/nomadic-sled-habitats-by-rob-sweere-move-across-the-arctic.htm http://allworldbest.blogspot.nl/2013/11/small-space-nomadic-sled-habitats-by.html http://www.homeharmonizing.com/2013/11/21/sledge-project-units-envisaged-as-contemporary-igloos-with-mobility/ … Continue Reading →


White Out

WHITE OUT Uiterwaarden – Beuningen, november 2013. Performance. The sound is from a young rhinoceros and the performance. 2:34 minutes – copyright Rob Sweere & Ellen Boersma 2013 below: still … Continue Reading →


Het Oog / The Eye

Het Oog / The Eye is an inflatable object which will move around the estate of Keizersrande in Deventer, Holland. The object is developed and will be used for children programms; … Continue Reading →

After the Battle still web


play HD AFTER THE BATTLE Performance  Gezi Park – Taksim Square august 2013 Istanbul Turkye below videostill: by


Stichting NUTUUR

active link: www.nutuur.nl Stichting Nutuur houdt zich bezig met de verhouding tussen mens en natuur. Door middel van beeldende kunst projecten wil Stichting Nutuur landschappelijke veranderingen beleefbaar maken voor een breed publiek. … Continue Reading →


WAR OF THE WORLD – nature against man –

WAR OF THE WORLD – nature against man – Series of seven photo’s. Production together with Stichting NUTUUR. & below photo’s of the first exhibition. Thanks to Kunst op de … Continue Reading →