Silent Sky Project#83

Silent Sky Project#83 November 25th 2018, 15.55 – 16.25 pm, 15 participants, Hong Kong. An international group from the City University of Hong Kong looked at the sky in silence. … Continue Reading →


BRONKHORST HEAD Permanent work leaning against het gallery: Kunstgemaal Bronkhorst. Sitting in the object you have a 180 degree view over the flood plains of the river IJssel. City of … Continue Reading →

PHOTON photography series

PHOTON Ongoing project – summer of 2018. In time large photo-prints will be made. If you are interested being one of these photo’s please contact me:, we can decide … Continue Reading →

Silent Sky Project#82

  Silent Sky Project#82 September 30th 2018, 13.31 – 14.01 pm, 25 participants, Hemmen, The Netherlands.     A group of people connected to the exhibition -wereldwijd de heerlijkheid- looked … Continue Reading →


WALKING TREES in Almere. Two walks in one weekend. With people from the USA, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. Almere city and Almere beach is now 40 years old, … Continue Reading →


ATELIER SWEERE presents: VERBINDINGEN (connections) proposal for three artworks in a new housing neighborhood. Commissioner: The city of Kampen. General concept is to create three locations in the neighborhood where people can … Continue Reading →

Second Skin on roof in center Rotterdam

SECOND SKIN is situated on the grassroof of the old station Hofplein in the center of Rotterdam. People could spend the night in the artwork, in the first weekend there … Continue Reading →

Atelier Sweere

ATELIER SWEERE Atelier Sweere / Studio Sweere consist of Rob Sweere & Ellen Boersma ( and our dog Pouf) Atelier Sweere Solostraat 22 6822DS Arnhem The Netherlands Rob: +31-6-22185115    … Continue Reading →


TRILLING                                                            … Continue Reading →


WATERBRIDGE The pond at the main entrance of the hospital consisted of bricks and water. The artwork is made of natural wood and plants, a meeting place. Thanks to Rijnstate … Continue Reading →

TIMELINE realisation summer 2019

Proposal by Atelier Sweere. Rob Sweere Ellen Boersma. Realisation summer 2019   by


MATRIX Installation –  three photo’s each 250×350 cm.   Exhibition in Rijnstate Hospital, Arnhem, The Netherlands. (jan-april 2018) Curated by: Jeroen Glas. photo: Jeroen Glas Installing the works – Jeroen … Continue Reading →

Radio program on national radio

I am talking about the theme of religious/spiritual experiences and art in a radio program on the dutch national radio. (11 minutes) Below the link to the podcast, click on … Continue Reading →

Silent Sky Project#81

Silent Sky Project#81 December 3th 2017, 17.34 – 18.04 pm, 53 participants, Ghaneshpuri, India.   A group of students from Mumbai studying at NSS  Gurukul College of Commerce – Ghatkopar … Continue Reading →

Silent Sky Project#80

Silent Sky Project#80 December 2nd 2017, 10.04 – 10.24 pm, 381 participants, Vajreshwari, India.     A group of girls from the Ambikabai Dharmaji Jadhav, Girls school and hostel, Vajreshwari, India, … Continue Reading →


EXPLODED VIEW at night with the moon during a 24 hour exhibition on a dike at Assendelft, The Netherlands. Thanks to: Jaap Velserboer – En Boven de Polder de Hemel. … Continue Reading →

Silent Sky Project#79

Silent Sky Project#79 September 24th 2017, 16.10 – 16.40 pm, 7 participants, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.     A group of people connected to the sculpture exhibition Arte Concordia looked at … Continue Reading →

Silent Sky Project#78

Silent Sky Project#78 August 23th 2017, 14.38 – 15.08 pm, 25 participants, Noordpolderzijl, The Netherlands.     At the northernmost point of Dutch mainland a group of people looked at … Continue Reading →


Video of SECOND SKIN: by

Short video about Exploded View

Short video about Exploded View by


GREEN BULLET Arnhem This is an artwork which will slowly grow and become bigger. The iron frame will rust and become fully covered by a living plant; fallopia aubertii. The … Continue Reading →

Silent Sky Project#77

Silent Sky Project#77 July 12th 2017, 19.53 – 20.23 pm, 6 participants, Haarlem, The Netherlands. During the festival Parksessies in Haarlem people looked at the sky in silence for 30 … Continue Reading →


  EXPLODED VIEW Installation on the sea dike in the far north of The Netherlands in NoordPolderzijl, Groningen. In 1717 there has been a great flood inland. Now there is … Continue Reading →

DRONE 2.0 & INSTAMATIC in Belgium

DRONE 2.0 & INSTAMATIC in Herkenrode Refuge, Hasselt, Belgium International exhibition Celibataire Divas is curated and organised by: Kunstgalerie De Mijlpaal. INSTAMATIC Eight wooden objects are standing on low pedestals. You can … Continue Reading →

HET LEGE MIDDEN two photo installations

  HET LEGE MIDDEN Two photo installations in Diepenheim, The Netherlands. The photo’s are made on location along the art-route in Diepenheim. Photo’s: 330 x 550 cm. Installation: height 365 … Continue Reading →


  TREE LOOKING AT YOU with this time a young Oak Tree. International Festival of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands. Thanks to Femke Lokhorst by

SECOND SKIN – sleeping with a tree

SECOND SKIN – sleeping with a tree Sleeping & staying for two persons and a private garden with your own tree. Portable installation. Material: painted steel , cocoon (flexible PVC-sheets) … Continue Reading →


GROWING MY OWN WOOD A Douglas fir tree will grow through the two rings at the bottom and the top of the object. The wood boards are made of Douglas … Continue Reading →

Silent Sky Project#76

  Silent Sky Project#76  April 21st  2017, 20.38 – 21.08 pm, 10 participants, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. At dusk during the festival – The Night of Philosophy – a group of … Continue Reading →

Film about Rob Sweere (11.30 minutes)

OOGMERK – Rob Sweere – from Plaatsmaken Arnhem.   Kijk mee in het atelier van Rob Sweere, een onderzoekend kunstenaar. Deze video is onderdeel van de serie Oogmerk. Plaatsmaken is in … Continue Reading →

Book: Out in Innerspace overview on video

Video made by Galerie Plaatsmaken Arnhem Book Rob Sweere – OUT IN INNERSPACE 25×28 cm , 128 pages , edition 500 A selection with works & projects of the … Continue Reading →

PIPE LINE Proposal Uiterwaarden Beuningen

PIPE LINE Proposal for a landscape object in the Uiterwaarden Beuningen, The Netherlands. Realisation not final yet. Planned for end 2017.   by

Landscape Photography Lanzarote + winter Dutch Forest jan/feb 2017

  Photo series ongoing. Average size 135 x 95 cm, or larger for use in public space. by

Walking Trees

This is the link to the website of Walking Trees: http://www.walkingtrees.n l/ by


Rob Sweere Solostraat 22 6822 DS Arnhem The Netherlands  tel. 0031- (0)6 – 22185115 IBAN/SEPA: NL15INGB0000634324 BIC: INGBNL2A Bank: ING BANK N.V by


TREE LOOKING AT YOU One year old tree – Scots Pine. The kind of tree changes according to the season. At kunstgalerie De Mijlpaal, Belgium.   by

NEST Das Kloster-Bentlage Projekt

NEST  Das Kloster-Bentlage Projekt – Proposal Five nests for Stork ( Storch, Ooievaar) who live all year around on the estate and one nest for humans. Das Kloster-Bentlage Projekt is a … Continue Reading →


  DE EILANDER – THE ISLANDER On this location in Holland the wood from Russia came ashore and was cut by the Zaanse sawmills to make ships. It was the … Continue Reading →

Book: Rob Sweere – OUT IN INNERSPACE for sale

Book Rob Sweere – OUT IN INNERSPACE 25×28 cm , 128 pages , edition 500 A selection with works & projects of the last ten years. Texts (english/german) by: Jan-Christof … Continue Reading →

Landscape Photography summer 2016 Scotland & Pyrenees

Landscape Photography summer 2016 Scotland & Pyrenees by

Video – experiences INSIDE IN Performance

  Example of two experiences: During the performance we actually created one unity. We were all drops from the same ocean. So it really flowed and there was no difference … Continue Reading →

Silent Sky Project#75

Silent Sky Project#75  September 11th  2016, 11.09 – 11.39 pm, 18 participants, Schokland, The Netherlands. A group of people looked at the sky in silence on a former island. Schokland … Continue Reading →


RADIATION 05 September 8th 2016, 16.49 – 16.59 pm, 58 participants, IJhorst, The Netherlands. A group of people connected to Atelier Overijssel looked at the horizon in silence. Atelier Overijssel … Continue Reading →

Silent Sky Project#74

    Silent Sky Project#74  September 3th  2016, 16.08 – 16.38 pm, 24 participants, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. A group of people connected to MU Artspace looked at the sky in … Continue Reading →

INSIDE IN – performance & exhibition

Film: Louise Verbree en Lotje Kerckhaert INSIDE IN – performance August 27th, 11.30-12.00 am, 154 participants Landgoed Bronbeek, Arnhem, The Netherlands Curator: Tamara Rookus Organised by: ArtEZ University of the … Continue Reading →

Text: book – Out in Innerspace may 2016

In April 2016 I had three conversations with Rob Sweere about his art. Below is the gist of what he told me. Jerome Symons OUT IN INNER SPACE  BEING AN … Continue Reading →

Silent Sky Project# An ongoing worldwide art project. 2004 –

SILENT SKY PROJECT# An ongoing worldwide art project. 2004 – At every location, the people look at the sky in silence for 30 minutes. The Silent Sky Project# is one … Continue Reading →