Car Country

CAR COUNTRY video 8 minutes Palm Springs USA 2001 by

Very Portable Site for a Conversation with the Sky

Very Portable Site for a Conversation with the Sky ‘Indoor – presentation ‘ ford falcon 1961+ roofrack video 17 minutes Travelogue Show OCCA,¬†Los Angeles, USA 2001 by

Don’t Move

DON’T MOVE Installation with red trapezium, 2 video monitors, 1 beamer, 1 camera and a movement detector. 2001   by

Meeting Point

stainless steel / lenses / blue bricks ‘village meetinghouse’ Looking through the lens from the inside of the building facing outwards. MEETING POINT commissionaire: City of Lingewaal. Spijk 2001   … Continue Reading →

Beam Me Up

BEAM ME UP Very portable site for a conversation with the sky Driving at different locations in different cities. Tractor Eicher 1961 – height 3,25 metres. 2001 by

Waiting for the Moon

WAITING FOR THE MOON Sitting on the chair you can turn yourself around. In the central circle the sky will turn with you. Rob Sweere The Netherlands 2001 by


INNER SPACE OUTER SPACE Portable site for a conversation with a building. Stichting G.A.N.G. Arnhem 2001 by


DUET Performance with videoprojection and a loud singing voice. 25 minutes 1996 Р2001 Cypresscolege Los Angeles USA Earlier presentations: 1996 Bourges France 1996 Arnhem Holland 1998 Den Haag Holland by