Autumn Piece

AUTUMN PIECE Sitting in the piece you can only see the tree and the leaves. In the period of the exhibition the leaves turn red and fall. The windows are … Continue Reading →

Live Saver Air

LIVESAVER AIR Inflatable reverse menhir, which you can enter. (2-3 meters diameter , 4 meters high) The only view out is a transparent circle in the top. Thanks to: Mothership … Continue Reading →


STYX  Steel, oildrums, netting, a ferrymen and an engine, 15 minutes action. Commissioned by Hinterland Projects. Curator: Jennie Syson, Nottingham, England. People had to put a coin on their forehead; to … Continue Reading →

Under Your Skin

UNDER YOUR SKIN The two layers of rubber are stretched to a flat surface. The moment somebody enters the artwork space is created by the body. With the lid closed … Continue Reading →

Double View

DOUBLE VIEW wood & steel 2,40 x 2,40 x 3,50 meters ZILT, North Sea Beach, The Netherlands 2007 by

Live Saver

LIVESAVER Inflatable sphere (3 meters) and ring (3,6 meters) with a narrow view (0,2 meters) in the ceiling. Sound: Lying in the sphere you hear strong sounds that make feel … Continue Reading →