Born into Heaven

. . . BORN INTO HEAVEN You can enter the work at the backside of the truck. Walking through a narrow opening you enter the curved space. Lying on the … Continue Reading →

Het Gemaal / The Pumpingstation

  HET GEMAAL / THE PUMPINGSTATION You can go up to the roof of the building. Standing between the discs you can look to the four directions. Inside the artwork … Continue Reading →

As the World Turns -works of works-

AS THE WORLD TURNS -works of works- Prints on canvas. sizes around 80 X 120 cm. Above: -The No-Concept Series-. Selection and positioning: Francet van Mackelenberg.¬†Foundation for Art and Culture, … Continue Reading →

Contemplatorium – Out of Space

    Contemplatorium – OUT OF SPACE Temporary dwelling (6 months) for one or two persons. During the summermonths the entire work is surrounded by high vegetation. Material: Wood. Exhibition: … Continue Reading →


    UP Being asked to give a lecture about how I work with public and art I invited everybody to get up from their chairs and to lie down … Continue Reading →