Lighttrees Three installations

LIGHTTREES – Trunk During the days more and more caterpillars adopted the artwork as their home. Arnhem, The Netherlands. Thanks to: community art project: -Zon op Zuid-   LIGHTTREES – Two … Continue Reading →

The Hub

                                          THE HUB Permanent work in the sculpture garden of … Continue Reading →

In Orbit solo show

Solo Exhibition -IN ORBIT- Kunstfort, Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands summer 2011 Drone Intens low sound vibrations, 12 x 4,5 metres. Honey Performance, photo 80 x 120 cm. Under Your Skin, Steel … Continue Reading →


Honey Performance by Sam, Anandi & Rob Sweere. Photo: Ellen Boersma, 80 x 120 cm, 2011. photo: Thomas Lenden     by


  Soundsourcing Videowork, large projection, 17 minutes, Kunstfort 2011.       by


                                        ON THE ROAD Two objects on both sides of the … Continue Reading →

Viewmaster One & Two

VIEWMASTER ONE & TWO           Gemeente Geertruidenberg, The Netherlands. The Towers are floating in the water and are turning slowly. Material: Steel, aluminium, paint. Height: 8 … Continue Reading →

Contemplatorium – Vortex (nighttime)

  CONTEMPLATORIUM – VORTEX Inflatable, white fabric and green lights, 10x10x10 metres. You can enter the artwork to go into the sphere. Arnhem, The Netherlands 2011. Contemplatorium – Vortex is … Continue Reading →

Contemplatorium – Vortex

    CONTEMPLATORIUM – VORTEX Inflatable, white fabric, 10x10x10 metres. You can enter the artwork to go into the sphere. Kunstfort Vijfhuizen, soloshow -In Orbit-. summer 2011 Curator: Holger Nickisch. Manufactured … Continue Reading →

Meeting You Meeting Me

. . . . MEETING YOU MEETING ME Performance on a saturday afternoon 25 people living in the suburb Stevenshof, came together at the local mall to meet each other … Continue Reading →

Radiation 02

  . . Radiation 02 May 19 2011, 14.51 – 15.01 pm, 160 participants, Arnhem, The Netherlands. The group consists of civil servants working in many different cities in Holland. … Continue Reading →

Radiation 01

Radiation 01 Mai 2nd 2011, 12.14 – 12.24 pm, 11 participants, Arnhem, The Netherlands. A group of artists and organisers is looking in silence at the part of the city … Continue Reading →


HERE NOW Action at Showroom G.A.N.G., Arnhem, The Netherlands. march 22nd 2011, 235 participants. Instead of sitting on their chairs and listening to my lecture about art on location, I … Continue Reading →

Touching Art

      TOUCHING ART Performance A large bronze sculpture piece is standing as if forgotten in the center of Haarlem. Hitting it with your hand creates a nice sound … Continue Reading →