This is the link to the website of the Project: Young Walking Trees.   A project for young people between 16-20 years about performance art. Ten different groups, ten … Continue Reading →


play in full HD Yaa-Cuetzi performance  Cuajimoloyas, Mexico. July ,2012. Rob Sweere & Ellen Boersma copyright Rob Sweere 2012 by

Circles Crossing

play in full HD Circles Crossing September 25th 2012, Oosterbeek, The Netherlands. Thanks to Edu-Art by

Silent Conversation with YOU

photo: Hans Wijninga SILENT CONVERSATION WITH YOU Performance at Museum of Modern Art Arnhem. 1 hour The audience could take a stand on the tree disk, positioned in the museum hall. … Continue Reading →

THE WATER ROOM / DE WATERKAMER DE WATERKAMER / THE WATER ROOM Estate Vosbergen , Heerde, The Netherlands . ” The Water Room offers the visitor a unique new perspective on the ” Kamper Brook … Continue Reading →

Two video’s Performances workshop Morelia, Mexico.

Nacimiento Performance workshop Morelia, Mexico. CMMAS workshop short performances july 2012 Thanks to: Rodrigo Sigal, Mondriaan Fund, by


watch in full HD Morelia, Mexico. august 2012 Ellen Boersma & Rob Sweere This work is made during a residency at in Morelia. Thanks to Rodrigo Sigal, Mondriaan Fund. … Continue Reading →

Instamatic – BIRD VIEW

INSTAMATIC – BIRD VIEW Looking through the object you see an oval view of the leaves and flowers floating on the water. foto: Ellen Boersma Thanks to: Aris de Bakker, … Continue Reading →

Contemplatorium – LOVE TREE

CONTEMPLATORIUM – LOVE TREE wood, paint & a love tree (english), Cercis siliquastrum (botanical), Arbre de Judée (french), Judasbaum / Herzbaum (german), Judasboom (dutch). Thanks to: Aris de Bakker, De … Continue Reading →

INSTAMATIC documentation

INSTAMATIC Eight wooden objects are standing on low pedestals. You can slide each object over your head. . . The audience is invited to e-mail the photo’s they make of … Continue Reading →

INSTAMATIC photo’s made by public

INSTAMATIC The public is invited to send the photo’s they make of each other  to the website: And a short video:                                                     … Continue Reading →


GREENLIGHT Rob Sweere & Ellen Boersma Waterheuvel, May 2012. 29 minutes, play in fullHD.   by


watch in HD SPRINGGREEN National Park Sallandse Heuvelrug may 2012 The Netherlands with Esmee Detmers 22 minutes by

Contemplatorium-Vortex in Rotterdam

Contemplatorium – Vortex in Rotterdam. Thanks to Motel Mozaique / Anton Hoeksema   Photo by Ralph Bakker     by


Trunk – photowork   What I saw when I flew out of NYC! – photowork by


watch in fullHD WATERHOLE – performance 32 minutes Schaarsbergen, The Netherlands, april 2012 by


-IKJOUJIJMIJ-             ·· -·-  ·— — ··-  ·— ·· ·—  –·— ·· ·—                          – … Continue Reading →


TIMANFAYA Photowork Timanfaya, Lanzarotte, Canary Islands, march 2012 Photo: Ellen Boersma by


PHILOSOPHER’S STONE Performance by Ellen Boersma & Rob Sweere Sound: Mars F. Wellink Lanzarotte, Canary Islands, march 2012 copyright Ellen Boersma & Rob Sweere by


THE PASSING Performance by Ellen Boersma & Rob Sweere La Graciosa, Canary Islands, march 2012 During the show ‘The world in a grain of sand’ in the Museum of Modern … Continue Reading →


watch in full HD WIND Ellen Boersma & Rob Sweere On top of a Volcano. La Graciosa, Canary Islands, march 2012 sound: Mars F. Wellink  copyright Rob Sweere 2012   … Continue Reading →

Radiation 03

RADIATION 03         A silent conversation with a volcano, while standing on top of another volcano, in strong wind. La Graciosa, Canary Islands, march 7th 2012.   … Continue Reading →


  ORION A silent conversation with Orion, while standing in the light of the full moon. La Graciosa, Canary Islands, march 8th 2012. photo: Ellen Boersma by


LUCY DOME Proposal for one room hotel in Deventer, The Netherlands. in colaboration with:  Mulders vandenBerk Architecten Lucy in the Sky is a project with four special designs for one hotel rooms: For … Continue Reading →


ROOTS, 5.10 – 5.20 pm, 38 participants, februari 9th 2012, Twello, The Netherlands. . . . ROOTS With the awarennes of standing on the roots of the tree, the group … Continue Reading →

First Snow

You can watch this film fullscreen and in fullHD, see quality. by