The Cabine

HomelessHome / Radboud University Nijmegen Holland 2004

The Cabine is hanging between two trees, in the center of the university campus.

People were invited to be in the Cabine for 12 upto 24 hours. Alone or with one other person.
They took the ladder with them, so they could not be disturbed. The roof could be opened and closed by the participant. Food, drinks, cooking material and sanitation were available in the Cabine.

On this location 31 people spent 12-24 hours in the Cabine.
Taking care of the participants was done in co-production with the Student Church – John Hacking.

The interior of the Cabine. Four cushions can make a two person bed or two seats.
The Cabine is rainproof.


Partcipants were not allowed to bring books with them. In the Cabine was a book with empty pages.  At the end of the project the book was full; 96 pages with drawings, poems and personal thoughts.

The busstop next to the Cabine. Daily life went on as usual. Many felt a big distance between themselves in the Cabine and the people below.

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