“Where is Home?”


Six Radio interviews Cape Town, South Africa
Radio Zibonele 98,2 fm

During the Cascoland  festival in the township New Crossroads six interviews were being broadcasted.
The theme of each interview was: Where is Home? Where do you feel at home? What does your house look like?
Why do you live in Cape Town? What’s the difference between living in Africa and Europe?
The interviews are broadcasted by Radio Zibonele, a local radiostation with a range of 300.000 people living in the different townships of Cape Town.

Anthony Baker (42)
Owns a cafe in Cape Town and lives in one room on the roof of the cafe.

Mrs. Adelaide Nonyikima Mene (73)
Lived all her life in Old and New Crossroads, she rents one brick house for her entire family.

Michiel van Oosterhout (40)
Moved to Oeganda in 2001. Lives by himself in a small house in Kampala and works as a journalist. He has the dutch nationality.

Roshina Ratman (30)
Lives temporarily in a room at her brothers house in Cape Town. Moves regularly. Works as an actrice and as a waitress.

Mt’ut’uzeli Qot’o (21)
Lives in New Crossroads. Poet & Songwriter. He dedicates his time improving the quality of life for all in New Crossroads. He made a special poem about the theme: Where is Home?

Josette Cole (57)
Is politicly active in Crossroads since 1974.  Lives in a house in Capetown and has a second house near the sea outside the city.

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