Innerview – Outerview


Twelve hours live radio & lightwaves

Left and right above:
From the tower of the museum a flashlight has been sending lightwaves over the city.
3 times a second – day and night – 1 month.

The cabine from which the live radio programms were broadcasted.
A small entrance was to the right. The soundengineer was sitting outside.
A long antenna was situated in the museumgarden for sending the radiowaves.

View from the seat where the guest was sitting. The inside of the cabine is made of sound-absorbing felt.
(composed picture)

( innerview – outerview )

Museum of Modern Art Arnhem
september 2002


Andree Sardjoesing

hindustanic car-mechanic

Jan Brugman

priest in Klarendal (working class area)

Tonnie van den Heerik

takes care of homeless people (former drug-adict)

Tonny Holtrust

manager city social development and culture

Rachel Kamp

highschole student

Rudi Kousbroek

enterpreneur in red light district

Pauline Krikke

mayor of the city of Arnhem

Hilde Kunze

elder lady, takes care of 100 year old mother

Max Meijer

director of the Museum of Modern Art Arnhem

Nasmir Oral

turkish actor


political refugee from Turkey

Lute Nieuwerth

super-intendent of the police


Rob Sweere for all the 12 programms

Marjoriek Glaudemans


Jerome Symons


Andree van den Kerckhove


Chris Zeevenhooven

manager Stadsomroep Arnhem

Dick Zegwaart

journalist Stadsomroep

Clarien van Harten

journalist Stadsomroep

Music by Vance Orchestra.
This music was specialy composed as a soundscape and audible as a second layer
during the conversations.

The 12 one hour radioprogramms were live broadcasted by the Stadsomroep Arnhem


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