Silent Sky Project#8


Silent Sky Project#8  March 3th  2006, 5.29 – 5.59 pm, 19 participants, Capetown, South Africa.






New Crossroads, Cape Town, South Africa.

Silent Sky Project was presented during the weekly elders meeting at Mandlovu center.

They considered it a spiritual healing ritual. A delegation participated in the project.

The Mandlovu center has a permanent exhibition with pictures of the history of the township Old & New Crossroads. During the Apartheids regime. Crossroads was a center for social and political actions against the government. It’s history is moving and intense.
The big print of the Silent Sky Project#8 is a new permanent addition to the collection.

Mrs. Mene – Mr. Sweere – Mr. Mawushe

Silent Sky project#8 was part of a larger project called Cascoland NewXrds2006.
A group of dutch artists realised different projects in the township.

Cascoland is organised by Roel Schoenmakers & Fiona de Bell and financed by Stiching Doen, Nationaal Architectuurfonds and the Dutch Embassy in South Africa.


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