LUCY CUBE a one-room-hotel

LUCY CUBE a one-room-hotel.
Situated on an old sand funnel in the harbor of Deventer, The Netherlands.
Design in collaboration with Mulder van den Berk architects.

Two black cubes in public space. A net to lie down in the funnel. A fully equipped hotelroom with a two person bed, toilet, shower, pantry and a view in all six directions. And on top a private roofgarden. You can look through the entire structure from top to bottom because of glass floors and windows.

Thanks to Cooperatie Lucy in the Sky: Albert Dedden en Paul Keizer (Spacecowboys), Timo Bralts (Bestwerk) and Guido de Vries.
Photo above: Timo Bralts

Construction by Fons Snelder (white cube) and Koos Schaart (black cubes)

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