Speeluiterwaarden met Kinderen / Playfloodplains with kids

Children spend lot’s of time indoors behind the computer and tv. At Speeluiterwaarden the kids are taken outdoors. In three days and six workshops I had the kids contemplated in silence about the sky and a tree. They crawled over the earth as a snake, the walked into the forest blindfolded. They rebuild an old cut down tree. They made a new waterwork, a human mountain was build and they sailed old boats and much more…
Lot’s movement, playing and getting wet and dirty!

At Keizersrande estate, Diepenveen, The Netherlands.
Thanks to: http://www.keizersrande.nl/ and http://www.ijssellandschap.nl/  Floor Dijkstra , Annette Harberink, Olga Lozeman, Ellen Boersma, Jet Nieboer, Jaap Starkenburg, the teachers, parents and many more.

Photo’s by Ellen Boersma.

Speeluiterwaarden – Keizersrande from Jan Swienink on Vimeo.


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