Silent Sky Project# An ongoing worldwide art project. 2004 –

An ongoing worldwide art project. 2004 –

At every location, the people look at the sky in silence for 30 minutes.

The Silent Sky Project# is one complete artwork, consisting of events happening in many different parts of the world. Together, these actions make the Silent Sky Project into one big happening.
Silent Sky Project# is a project where the artist guides the public into a specific condition. He creates an atmosphere to achieve the most intense state of involvement.

From 1989 until 1995, Rob Sweere created multiple performances and actions, in museums, galleries as well as outdoors in natural surroundings, constantly questioning the possibility to frame an intense experience through a camera. This resulted in performances with an audience, photographic works, video works and installations.
Since 1995 he has been creating conditions for the public to experience their everyday surroundings in a different way. Feeling a certain lack in the ability to communicate his intense experiences to the public as frozen images, he decided to work out a concept where the public itself participates in the sculpture so that they have their own genuine experience. He invites people to become actively involved in his artworks. Thousands of people have come into contact with his many projects, and their reactions encourages Sweere to expand his projects so as to make them available for more people.

In this project, the earth is the sculpture-like object. Considering the earth as a big ball floating in space, the surface of this ball is one big lookout post.
The Silent Sky Project# will take place in as many countries around the world as possible, to create different points on the globe from where we look into space, in a state intensified by group dynamics.

As children we lay on our backs in the grass and spent time looking up into the sky. We looked at the clouds, gazed into space and gave room to our fantasies, our dreams, irrespective of culture, time and place. How often do we give ourselves this opportunity to dream and do nothing in particular, now that we are grown up? How much do we really see, how conscious are we of our daily surroundings? Do we really experience our environment? Or do we use this space just to move from one place to another to fulfil our daily duties?
In the Silent Sky Project# Sweere invites groups of people to spend time together lying on their back and looking up into the sky. We do this project together as a group and at the same time we are by ourselves, looking from our own inner universe into another universe. Or is it the same?

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