Video – experiences INSIDE IN Performance


Example of two experiences:

  • During the performance we actually created one unity. We were all drops from the same ocean. So it really flowed and there was no difference between those who walked before you and who walked beside you. We were a unity, that was beautiful. That art can accomplish that….
  • I especially noticed when we turned outwards, there suddenly was a silence and you felt very connected with the people around you. That seemed to be a connection like everyone … everyone looked the other way, but the idea that you could look all around over the globe and see yourself in your own eyes,  I suddenly understood the concept.
Deze productie is gemaakt in opdracht van ArtEZ University of the Arts en Museum Bronbeek.
Concept en interviews: Tamara Rookus
Performance: Rob Sweere
Film: Louise Verbree en Lotje Kerckhaert
Met dank aan:
alle deelnemers van Inside In
alle geïnterviewden
Laura Meulensteen
Niek Ravensbergen
Judith Reindersma
Copyright: ArtEZ University of the Arts en Museum Bronbeek 2016
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