Installation on the sea dike in the far north of The Netherlands in NoordPolderzijl, Groningen. In 1717 there has been a great flood inland. Now there is a large 100 kilometre long dike.
For centuries the dutch are standing on the dike looking at the sea always aware of storms, high tides etc. etc.
But looking inland the landscape looks the same. What’s the difference between these two flat landscapes? And should we live there anyway? Or should we let nature and water come in and out on the land? This counts for large parts of Holland…

Curated by Merijn Vrij
Organisation Kerstvloed 1717

Material: painted steel , cocoon (flexible PVC-sheets)
Length 7 m, width 1,8 m (floor 2,6 m), height 3 m. 

Thanks to Merijn Vrij, Anja Reenders.
Sponsored by Alexander E.F. van der Zee | Cocoon Holland BV www.cocoon.eu/en/

Short video about Exploded View

View at the sea.

View inland.

View at the sky and the dike.

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