This is an artwork which will slowly grow and become bigger. The iron frame will rust and become fully covered by a living plant; fallopia aubertii. The object is moveable and will be situated in different locations in the centre of the city looking out over areas in transition.

Commissioned by the City of Arnhem. Thanks to Henk Wentink.

On these photo’s the work is three months old.
Below a text about the concept of the Green Bullets…



Juli 2017


These days more people are living cities instead of rural areas on our planet. People live in an environment of concrete, glass and asphalt without the natural elements that are necessary.
Heat islands are existing in the city, there is a lack of moist, plants, trees, animals and clean air. Most of us live in surroundings that do not help us exist.


For many years the artist Rob Sweere (1963) creates circumstances with his art to connect people with the natural elements like the sky, water and trees.
In his ‘plantworks’ he takes it a step further. The material of the artworks itself is made of living plants. The works are for people to come together or to experience the surroundings by themselves, contemplating with a green world as their centre.

The objects grow and change with the seasons. They don’t get dirty because nature doesn’t get dirty. The plantworks create a good micro-climate for insects, birds and people and the airtemperature decreases.

The plantworks are a hybrid of art, architecture, nature management and sustainable city development.

“If an artwork is good for nature it’s also good for people.”

Rob Sweere

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