Silent Sky Project#80

Silent Sky Project#80 December 2nd 2017, 10.04 – 10.24 pm, 381 participants, Vajreshwari, India.



A group of girls from the Ambikabai Dharmaji Jadhav, Girls school and hostel, Vajreshwari, India, looked at the sky in silence.
These are underprivileged girls, 200 hundred of them live in the school. The action was 20 minutes because of the heat from the sun and the ants bothering the girls.

Thanks to Pramila Kansare, the direction of the school.
Photo’s by Rob Sweere – Ellen Boersma.


The entrance to the school.

Listening to the introduction of the Silent Sky Project#. Translation by Pramila Kansare.

Preparing for the action…

Sharing experiences after the action to the whole group.

Principal of the school, management team, Pramila Kansare and the artist.

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