Five performances at five locations in one day.
September 28th 2019 at 10.00 am, 12.30 pm, 15.00 pm, 17.30 pm and 20.00 pm

Starting at the beginning of the river and ending where the IJssel flows into the delta.

People were holding the river in their hands and looked at it for 10 minutes in silence.

‘We carry IJsselwater in glass spheres.
An atom of water, a drop of water,
a bowl of water, a river full of water.
We stand silent with IJsselwater ‘.

Concept, realisation & photography by Rob Sweere and Ellen Boersma
Organisation: De IJsselbi├źnnale – Kunstenlab Deventer and the five location contact-people, Rob Groot-Zevert, Joost Wolters, Mieke Conijn, Erica van Swaay, Peter Schr├Ąder, thanks!

The performance started with pouring the river water into the glass spheres.

Close ups of the people looking at the river water in the glass spheres in silence.

After standing in silence the water was given back to the big river.

Sharing stories & experiences of the performance.

Walking back from the river into daily live…

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