The tower is designed and created in collaboration with the Cascoland team & UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) for a social ecological project in the rain forest. http://cascoland.com/

We worked with a group of creatives and scientists from different countries in the village of Loma Bonita, in the rainforest close to the border of Guatamala in Mexico. Part of the project is a lookout for the villagers close to the river viewing at the primary forest on the other side.

The Mirador is build on this location in the jungle. The wood is hand cut with a chainsaw from a tree that has naturally fallen down.

Thanks to: CASCOLAND, UNAM Mexico, the team members, local guides and builders from Loma Bonita & Chajul.

The tower is burned black with a gas burner to protect the wood.
Loma Bonita is a village with 250 inhabitants.

The artist.

Setting up Loma Mirador with the whole group. The panels are made with local tropical wood which is very heavy.

Setting up photo’s & video: Mariana Martinez Balvanera


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