EYELEVEL – a one person museum

EYELEVEL is a meeting place for a person and an artwork.
It’s a portable one person museum. It will travel to musea, festivals and other occasions to show people art. The general time a person looks at an artwork is less than a minute. Now people sit in EYELEVEL fully focused on the artwork, with a headset they will listen to a podcast about the art.
In the space for the artwork paintings, drawings, photograpy, videoworks, sculpture and installations can be exhibited.

Commissioned by Stichting Kunstvat. Thanks to Expo Bart.
Sponsored by: Mondriaan Fund, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, Provincie Gelderland, City of Nijmegen.

From outside you can always see if a person sits in EYELEVEL.
With the door closed you are by yourself with the artwork.
And one side is the space for a person on the other side the space for the artwork.

June 2021: Finally after a long long lockdown museums and galleries are open This weekend premiere EYELEVEL by Expo Bart in Nijmegen! The coming months EYELEVEL will tour around the country to differents museums with at each location another artwork and podcast inside EYELEVEL.
Organisation by Stichting Kunstvat. Artwork by Marleen Sleeuwits. Podcast (3 minutes) by Merel van den Nieuwenhof.

The space for the artwork, with LED adjustable lighting and a light spot.
Looking down you are still in contact with the outside world
In the background the MIR installation by Alphons ter Avest.
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