EYELEVEL – a one person museum

EYELEVEL is a meeting place for a person and an artwork.
It’s a portable one person museum. It will travel to musea, festivals and other occasions to show people art. The general time a person looks at an artwork is less than a minute. Now people sit in EYELEVEL fully focused on the artwork, with a headset they will listen to a podcast about the art.
In the space for the artwork paintings, drawings, photograpy, videoworks, sculpture and installations can be exhibited.

Commissioned by Stichting Kunstvat. Thanks to Expo Bart.
Sponsored by: Mondriaan Fund, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, Provincie Gelderland, City of Nijmegen.

From outside you can always see if a person sits in EYELEVEL.
With the door closed you are by yourself with the artwork.
And one side is the space for a person on the other side the space for the artwork.
The space for the artwork, with LED adjustable lighting and a light spot.
Looking down you are still in contact with the outside world
In the background the MIR installation by Alphons ter Avest.
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