“I would not have wanted to miss this sound journey. A journey in which time does not exist. A journey in a different but completely autonomous reality. As you move from space to space. From sensation to sensation. And the journey just didn’t end and that was completely fine. An eternity of about 50 minutes through the parallel cosmos of the sound sorcerer. Unforgettable and beautiful!”

“It is difficult for me to put into words what I experienced and felt … then I was taken again in a horse-drawn sleigh, with wolves chasing me, then it was more friendly again, rivers, birds … then again I was in a freight train, going right through the menacing immense forest, fearful. It was quite an experience Rob! Very beautifully done. Thank you so much for allowing me to experience this.”

“The deep rumble created the feeling as if I was flying in a spaceship around Jupiter. After landing on a  jungle planet we traversed between the animals as other spaceships were landing.
I got into the trance, time was not in my head anymore. The round speakers looked like planets.”

“Laying down on the ground in a palpable field of sound between the two wooden speakers and the two subwoofers, I felt like I was taken along on a space journey. Perhaps the name Sound Sourcing had already primed my imagination by the word Source; the Source of ALL. I would describe the images and experiences that I gained as the development of Existence, starting from the undifferentiated protoplasm to the differentiated life forms such as man.
(“In the beginning there was the sound.”)
My inner journey began with images of a great Black void. On closer inspection, it was dynamic. It turned out to be alive. Dynamic Stuff. Protoplasm in motion, in a great swirling mass that miraculously formed into what I would imagine ‘the universe’ to be.
I first saw/experienced life in the “form” of an as yet undifferentiated space-time continuum. The vast black space, then the formation of the galaxies. The universe as 1 living, dynamic energy form.
Thereafter, the sound of this living universe evolved into ever more differentiated life forms. First I heard/saw a kind of bacteria blob. Suddenly there was a big leap forward. Dark frightening sounds triggered something in my reptilian brain. I imagined myself in the world of the dinosaurs. The initial fear gave way to admiration for these beautiful, mighty Dragons.
The all-underlying source always remained audible in the background, or rather as an underlying layer; the space.
Again it took a leap further and the story of my experience landed more on Earth. First in a high cave, I heard water dripping from the ceiling. The cave space became more and more hospitable, livable for humans.
Once arrived at the human being, everything felt more and more “recognizable” to me. My body began to participate in the whole experience. The tactile vibrations of the sound sometimes induced involuntary movements in me. I became more aware of the ground on which I lay. Felt the need to get more grounded from the floating experience. It was comfortable under the blanket, on the sheepskin. I pressed my body onto the ground with all the force I had, as if to feel the experience of gravity better. That I am here and alive, that I have a shape, and not just a shape, but specifically a human shape, at least at this moment.
At the end of this concert you repeated the sound AUM over and over. Everything resonated within me.
AUM wanted to be expressed, also through me. “My” AUM resonated with “your” AUM. The vibration seemed to originate from the center of my heart. The increasingly intense vibration made me feel as if my body would fragment into countless particles, as if it were the expanding universe itself. And at the same time it brought with it an unmistakable sense of human physicality, embodiment.
Both experiences were possible at the same time. Beyond the contradiction. “

“Upon entering, an Aum-like sound is playing very softly. The primal sound from which everything comes. Very restful. Immediately I closed my eyes and felt at home in the live soundscape. I heard a wide sound river, in the ultra-low register and along the way sometimes higher and sometimes pulsating sounds were carried along in this primal river. In the middle the sound river fell away and I became carried along by sounds in the high register culminating again in the sound river that eventually fades away. To my surprise I thought I had been lying there for 30 minutes, but in reality it had been 50 minutes.”

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