SOUNDSOURCING concerts documentation

SOUNDSOURCING Het Kunstgemaal & MIR tent

A fragment from a series of four concerts at the gallery Het Kunstgemaal in Bronkhorst, The Netherlands.

The sound is made live using my voice and a loopstation.
The eight loudspeakers are designed and build by Rob Sweere.

Each concert 45 minutes. April 24 & 25th 2021.

Thanks to Joost Wolters & Het Kunstgemaal team

Thanks to Alphons Ter Avest for the use of his MIR tent.
camera: Ellen Boersma

copyright Rob Sweere 2021

Photo’s made through the windows of the gallery by Ellen Boersma.

The white object is one of the four low frequency soundsources.
The four wooden disks generate an open spacious sound in the middle & high frequenties.

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