In all cultures in all times around the globe there is a tradition of making masks. A mask is a symbol of abstract processes that take place in society. A mask is put on and the wearer is the symbol of that process.

In 2012, Rob Sweere made a series of masks INSTAMATIC
( ) these were abstract geometric shapes that you could put over your head and with which you look at the outside world on specific ways.

This series of masks is in the tradition of the ‘helmet masks’.
Sweere has noticed that identity currently (in 2021) plays an important role in many population groups. In the Black lives matter group, LGBT+ people, the Conspiracy theorists, the Millennials, an increasingly polarized social and political field.

With this in mind, artist Rob Sweere created a series of masks: the Kwanokkels. 

What is going on?

The Kwanokkels are masks to put on but certainly also for others to look at.

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