Walking on the 40 meter long curved footpath just above the water you walk through a tunnel with eight mammoth tusks. At the end of the path you can go up the stairs and you will enter a futuristic cabine with an open view to the sky and a circular horizontal view.

Strandpark Slijk-Ewijk is a man made lake. While dredging for sand and small stones they found remains of Mammoths. This means that it’s proven that 250.00 years ago Mammoths walked around on this land.

Material: Steel, aluminum, foam, Poly Urea, paint coating. Main Construction: Fons Snelder Construction tusks: Jerome & Roeki Symons
Thanks to: Gemeente Overbetuwe – Ilse Aarsman / Frank Hemeltjen & all the builders.

Commissioned by: Gemeente Overbetuwe
Location: Strandpark Slijk-Ewijk (Parking: Watergoed Slijk-Ewijk)

Photo Harald Kouseband
Photo Diana Venis-Kerkhoven
Photo by Karsten Russ
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