Installation for the Suffering Matters festival in the Stevenskerk, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

“Four colossal, dark night photos form a floating square in space. They are shady images of rocks, thorny bushes and cacti. The raw pain to which these photos refer is almost physically palpable. But pain can also transform into redemption. Whoever steps under the photos – which evokes a feeling of humility – ends up in another world. Via a staircase in the middle you enter a plateau from where you can experience the inside of the installation. Here too, four large photos can be seen, but they are lighter in nature. A dichotomy that refers to medieval triptychs, where the outside and the inside also carry different messages: the earthly and the higher.

For this work, Rob traveled to the Malinalco valley in Mexico, in order to capture a paradisiacal landscape. A friend there, Shane Conroy, suffers from chronic pain, and guided him in his search for photographic images that match that feeling of pain, and its transformation.”

Eight photo’s: each 6×4 metres, steel frame, wooden stairs.
Organisation: Besiendershuis Nijmegen / Stichting NOX
Curators: Jan-Wieger van den Berg, Corrie Kuijs, Jade Kerste.

Outside of INTO
The photo’s represent darkness and pain.

Inside of INTO
You have to bow to enter installation and you can climb the stairs. You are in the center, the four photo’s represent the possibility of transforming INTO light.

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2 Replies to “INTO”

  1. Shane Conroy

    The installation is a living organ. A giant human heart within the colosal structure of the church. The church vaults that arch like the rib cage hold the true hub of all sacred places. The seat of the mind is within the heart. Our shadow side is experienced here too but also the opportunity to be awakened to a Divinity of Lght beyond all suffering. It is found in the stillness and the silence. Of this sacred place.

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