DREAMSCAPES 7890 – 8698


DREAMSCAPES – photo series
Rob Sweere

‘The deep horizon with its primordial light is full of mystery. There is a timelessness here… “a space beyond time”. These photos draw us into the sacred present within the spaciousness and silent stillness inside.’
– Shane Conroy, Mexico.

In his DREAMSCAPE photos Rob Sweere (1963, Arnhem, The Netherlands) is creating spacious landscapes. Not by travelling around the world searching for different surroundings but by staying inside his studio. He creates his landscapes on a large table and uses his photography skills and playful energy to create the illusion of large spaces.

It is this illusion that interests him. The world as we know it, is it true? Or is it an illusion? Indian philosophy talks about our everyday world as Maya, the world of illusions. With our mind we create this world and because of our ignorance we perceive it as true and real. What we see and experience is a projection of our own mind. We create our own world.

When we are awake we say that this is the real world, when we dream we say it is not real. However, is there a difference?

Recent developments in the world are challenging the concept of truth. Politicians are making up their own stories and act consequently. Scientific truths are not relevant anymore, the truth is what we feel. On the internet people disappear in truth bubbles and find themselves and their truth acknowledged over and over again.

Daily-world, dream-world, internet-world are all true. My world, your world.

# 8311

All Dreamscape photo’s are full color and made on a large table in my studio.

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