BASECAMP-Steigerpark. IJburg, Amsterdam.
Three objects – one installation. Het Groote Huys, Hemelkijker & Silent Conversation with a Tree.

This part of Amsterdam, IJburg, is completely manmade. The earth is sprayed into the water to create land. The people living on Steiger-island are among the first people living on this newly created land. The theme for this artproject is ‘pioneering’. The material is aluminium frames with Douglas-wood finished with natural oil. The same as the first pioneering houses being build in the woods.

Commissioned by the City of Amsterdam. Thanks to Marco Cops (advisor), Fons Snelder ( aluminium construction), Ellen Boersma (paint), Doke Sweere (earth&woodwork), Hermsen ( transport&crane)

For this object HET GROOTE HUYS I had to think of the house the dutch seafarers build in the 16th century on the arctic island Nova Zembla to survive through the winter.
HEMELKIJKER (skywatcher) the park is surrounded by high buildings, traffic and high voltage cables. Sitting in this object you can look through the circle and see only the sky.
SILENT CONVERSATION WITH A TREE. The tree will grow slowly in and through the object. People in the neighbourhood will experience how the tree gets bigger and are invited to connect with it.
Ulmus laevis (Fladderiep)
Steigereiland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.,4.9837027,19.65z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x47c60eb63a39c79f:0xdde3ff75b4529e1f!8m2!3d52.3617208!4d4.981714
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