Back to Nature – film

BACK TO NATURE 2002 performance – video 2:30 minutes   by

Inner Space Outer Space

INNER SPACE OUTER SPACE Portable site for a conversation with a building Action in Rietveld Paviljon Kroller-Muller Museum  21 juni 2002 by

Can You See the Seer

Town-hall Veghel ZIE JE DIE DIE ZIET ( CAN YOU SEE THE SEER ) computerprint 3,5 x 3,5 metres Veghel 2002 by

Innerview – Outerview

UITZICHT – INZICHT Twelve hours live radio & lightwaves Left and right above: From the tower of the museum a flashlight has been sending lightwaves over the city. 3 times … Continue Reading →

Blowing Wind

Left: video-image fullsize right: bodyshaker / shaking device BLOWING WIND The bodyshakers are put in motion by the (wind) sound from the breath on the videotape. In this situation the … Continue Reading →

In Between…

IN BETWEEN… metall, wood, floating on the water 4,5 x 4,5 x 3,5 metres Schalkwijk 2002 by

The Eye of the Storm

HET OOG VAN DE STORM Museum Het Valkhof  Nijmegen 2002 Video: slow motion underwatercapture 15 minutes / looped The big ventilator is blowing a strong wind downwards. Three low cards … Continue Reading →