Split View

SPLIT VIEW  Coronated steel / Wood / Concrete Museum for Modern Art – Het Valkhof Nijmegen, The Netherlands.   by

Split View

SPLIT VIEW  Coronated steel / Wood Kamerik, CBK Utrecht. by

Blue Room

  BLUE ROOM Lying on the swinging bed you feel a slow heartbeat in your chest. A special device is build in the matras which shakes because of the heartbeat … Continue Reading →

Blue Waters

  BLUE WATERS 2004-2006 RIVM/NVI Bilthoven The Netherlands Commissionair: Rijksbouwmeester / Rijksgebouwendienst The blue liquid is in constant motion through the three objects. Very slowly the liquid levels in the … Continue Reading →


  DRONE The 12 metre long wooden horn slowly swings. In the horn low frequenties of sound can be heard and felt, as a pressure on your ears and body and … Continue Reading →

“Where is Home?”

  WHERE IS HOME? Six Radio interviews Cape Town, South Africa Radio Zibonele 98,2 fm During the Cascoland  festival in the township New Crossroads six interviews were being broadcasted. The … Continue Reading →


RADIOTOWER A tower made with the same secondhand materials as being used in shanti towns. The tower is used as an observatory and for interviewing people for the radioshow‘Where is … Continue Reading →