Curriculum Vitae

In 1989 Rob Sweere had his first show.

From 1989 – 2017:

In the following 17 cities Rob Sweere had commissions for permanent large scale artworks in public space:
Zutphen, Hurwenen, Arnhem, Spijk, Zoetermeer, Geertruidenberg, Nijmegen, De Bilt, Westervoort, Helmond, Deventer, Vriezenveen, Boxmeer, Poznan (Poland), Lunteren, Amersfoort, Zaandam

In the following 29 countries Rob Sweere has done projects and/or made exhibitions:
The Netherlands, Germany, France, Mexico, Greece, Turkey, USA, Greenland, Lithuania, South-Korea, England, Brazil, Australia, El Salvador, Israel, Palestine, South Africa, India, Kenia, Switserland, Yugoslavia, Russia, Belgium, Congo, Morocco, Lanzarotte, Belgium, Russia, Poland.

Curriculum Vitae

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Curriculum vitae:                                                                                            Januari 2020                 

Rob Sweere

Solostraat 22

6822 DS Arnhem The Netherlands

Born in Boxmeer on 24 december 1963

Phone: 0031-(0)6-22185115

E- mail:          home-page :,

Art Education:

1984 – 1986  Academy for Fine Arts  St. Joost                         Breda. (dept. photography & audiovisual)

1986 – 1989  University for the Arts  (BA)                      Arnhem.                       (dept. Fine arts)

1991 – 1992  Rijksacademy voor Fine Arts (Masters)       Amsterdam.  (dept. Art Media Studies)


1991          Startstipendium  Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten, Vorm­geving en Bouwkunst  Amsterdam.

1994          Basisstipendium  Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten, Vormgeving en Bouwkunst  Amsterdam.

1995          Projectsubsidie  Provincie Gelderland

1998        Projectsubsidie  Provincie Gelderland

  • Projectsubsidie  Provincie Gelderland
  • Projectsubsidie  Provincie Gelderland
  • Basisstipendium  Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten, Vormgeving en Bouwkunst  Amsterdam

2003        Projectsubsidie  Provincie Gelderland

2005          Projectsubsidie  Provincie Gelderland

2009          LIVE Projectsubsidie Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten, Vorm­geving en Bouwkunst  Amsterdam

2010          LIVE Projectsubsidie Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten, Vorm­geving en Bouwkunst  Amsterdam

2011          LIVE Projectsubsidie Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten, Vorm­geving en Bouwkunst  Amsterdam

2012          LIVE Projectsubsidie Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten, Vorm­geving en Bouwkunst  Amsterdam

2016        Grant for International presentation Mondriaan Fund

2017          Grant for esthablished artists Mondriaan Fund

2017          Grant for Commissioning Contemporary Art Mondriaan Fund

2019     Grant for Commissioning Contemporary Art Mondriaan Fund


2019     Study for monumental artwork, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (not decided yet)

2019    Permanent work in Slijk Ewijk, The Netherlands. (work: Timeline, realisation 2020)

2019     Permanent work in Ruurlo, The Netherlands. (work: All with All, realisation 2020)

2019     Permanent work in Deventer, The Netherlands. (work: De Worp, realisation 2020)

2019    Permanent work in sculpturepark Aningahof, Zwolle, The Netherlands. (work: Trilling)

2018    Study for bridge and tower in open landscape, Gemeente Sint Oedenrode, The Netherlands

2018    Permanent monumental artwork, Berg & Dal, The Netherlands. ( realisation 2018)

2018    Study for monumental artwork, city of Almelo, The Netherlands.

2018    Concept & Vision development for landscaping and architectual project. Hoogheemraadschap      Noord-Holland, The Netherlands.

2018    Permanent work at Kunstgemaal Bronkhorst, The Netherlands. (work: Bronkhorst Head)

2018     Study for monumental artwork, Kloster Bentlage, Rheine, Germany.

2017-18 Study for monumental artwork, city of Overbetuwe, The Netherlands (realisation 2020)

2017-18 Study for monumental artworks, city of Kampen, The Netherlands.

2017-18 Sense of Place: Study for large landscape project, Ferwert, Groningen, The Netherlands.

2017    Permanent work in Arnhem, The Netherlands. ( work: Green Bullet Arnhem)

2017    Permanent work at Aningahof sculpture park, Zwolle, The Netherlands.

2017    Study for landscape project, Beuningen, The Netherlands. ( work: The Pipe Line)

2017    Study for paviljons to stay overnight. Museum Bokrijk, Hasselt, Belgium.

2017    Study for permanent works along a 60 kilometre old railtrack. Ministry of Toerisme, Belgium.

2016    Permanent work in Zaandam, The Netherlands. (work: De Eilander)

2016    Permanent Artwork in Amersfoort, The Netherlands (work: De Schreeuw)

2016    Three permanent works in Kloster Bentlage, Rheine, Germany.

2016     Study for one-room hotel, IBA-Parkstad, Heerlen, The Netherlands

2015    Study for Artist in residence & Visitorcentre on the beach at Kijkduin, The Haque, Netherlands.

            (entire commission is posponed)

2015    Study for permanent large outdoor installation at a graveyard, Utrecht, Netherlands

2015    Permanent Artwork in Poznan, Poland ( work: NIEBOSKLON)

2015    Multiple artwork for museum Coda, Apeldoorn, Netherlands. (work: CODA-Action)

2014    Study for permanent work in Almelo.

2014    Study for permanent work in kunstgemaal Bronkhorst. Realisation 2016/17

2014    Study for permanent work in Museum for Religious Art, Uden.

2014    Study for permanent work in Office building ASR, Utrecht.

2014     Permanent work in Vriezenveen. Principal: Kunstenlab deventer & City of Twenterand.

2013     Inflatable monumental work. Principal: Landgoed Keizersrande (work: The Eye)

2013     Permanent work on the Goudsberg, Lunteren. Realisation 2015. (work: De Hessenhut)

2013    Permanent small architecture object at the Havenkwartier Deventer. (work: Lucy Cube)

2013     Study for permanent work in Hardenberg.

2013     Study for observatory. Keizersrande estate, Deventer.

2013     Permanent work in Helmond. Principal: City of Helmond. Realisation 2013 (work: Lightpace)

2012     Series of workshops and an exhibition in with groups of young people, Provincie Gelderland.

            ( project: Young Walking Trees)

2011    Permanent outside installation in national museum for sculpture: Kroller-MullerMuseum, Otterlo The Netherlands. (work: The Hub)

2011     Permanent work at two sides of a river, city of Nijmegen. (work: On The Road)

2011     Monumental artwork in the water. Principal: City of Geertruidenberg (work: Viewmaster One & Two)

2010     Study for new parkingplace Highway A1, commissioned by national Rijkswaterstaat.

2010    Community house and sledgeproject, city of Uummannaq, Greenland. Realisation 2012

2010    Study for permanent work in between city and natural area, city of Wijchen, The Netherlands.

2009     Permanent work in new section of the city of Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.

             Realisation 2012 (work: -IKJOUJIJMIJ- )

2009    Permanent work , small building for waterengineering, principal: Rijkswaterstaat

            (work: Het Gemaal)

2009    Monumental artwork in a new park. Principal: Volkshuisvesting Arnhem (work: Doubleview)

2007     Study for monumental artwork in the center of Amsterdam.

            Prinicpal: Stadsdeel Amsterdam centrum/Wise Guys

2006     Study for large installation outside congresscentre in Taipeh, Taiwan.

2004    Rijksgebouwendienst (central governmental organisation) National Vaccination Institute,Bilthoven.  Principal: Atelier Rijksbouwmeester, The Hague (work: Blue Water)

2004    Temporary artproject: Musis Project concept, production and participation.

            December 2004 – September 2005    Principal: City of Arnhem

2002    Monumental Artwork in new home development area Principal: City of Boxmeer

             (work: Waiting for the Moon)

2001    Monumental Artwork in en outside new  cityhall & citysquare in Spijk

            Principal: City of Lingewaal.  (work: Meeting Point)

2000    Study for monument against violence             Principal: City of Gorinchem   

  • Study for psychiatric department in Hospital in Arnhem.

2000    Monumental Artwork  in  ‘De Groene Kamer’  Principal: City of Arnhem (work: Skystones)     

1999                Monumental Artwork inside  new cityhall in Zutphen.  Principal: City of Zutphen.

            (work: Subtiel energiesysteem voor gemeentehuis)

1997     Monumental Artwork in garden in Hurwenen. Principal: private. (work: The Dreamer)

1997     Four photoworks made at location and exhibited permanently.

            Principal: GBK Arnhem & Tuininformatiecentrum Ap­peltern.


Works are in private collections, Museum of Modern Art Arnhem and the Kroller-Muller Museum.

Stichting NUTUUR:

Founder and chairman of Stichting Nutuur, together with Hans Jungerius and Kim Lokers.


Founder of Deeptime for workshops, lectures, pressure cookers for large organisations.

Together with Laura Prat, Bart Molendijk, Rudd Willems


2 day workshop Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam

5 day Workshop: The Heart of Art

Universities at Mexico-City, Mexico. Zwolle, The Netherlands. Vilnius, Lithuania.

5 day Workshop: A Non-Adrenaline Expedition

University at Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

8 day Workshop: Going Dutch / Dreamlandscape. Academie voor Bouwkunst (academie for architecture – masters) Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1 day Workshop: Young artists – Community Art. Commisioner: Cultuur& Co

5 day workshop: What’s Your Sound? At CMMAS, Morelia, Mexico. Summer 2012

2 day workshop Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam

2019 5 day workshop at Mwangaza Artschool, Kisumu, Kenya.

2019 workshop ARTEZ, Arnhem, The Netherlands


( ssp# = Silent Sky Project#)

2020: upcoming
– large photoinstallation in De Stevenskerk, Nijmegen, The Netherlands – expedition to the south of Mexico together with Cascoland – groupshow and book Inside Black, Arti e Amicea, Amsterdam – groupperformances at festival Into the great Wide Open, Vlieland, The Netherlands – realisation of the commisionsin Ruurlo, Slijk Ewijk and Deventer – IJsselbiennal, Deventer, The Netherlands etc etc
– Sculpturepark Anningahof, Zwolle,The Netherlands – Rijnstate Hospital, Arnhem, The Netherlands monumental work outside – Silent Sky Project#84, New Delhi, India – Silent Sky Project#85, Oosterbeek, The Netherlands- Monumental outside photo installation, Oosterbeek, The Netherlands – Silent Sky Project#86, Kisumu, Kenya – Silent Sky Project#87, Kisumu, Kenya Monumental outside photo installation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 5 performances along the river IJssel, the Netherlands – Gelderland Biennial, photoseries outside, Arnhem, The Netherlands – Gelderland Biennial, photoseries Museum Valkhof, Nijmegen, The Netherlands – groupshow Willem Twee, Den Bosch, The Netherlands – Silent Sky Project#88, Malinalco, Mexico – Artist in residence, photo series, Mailinalco, Mexico – Gelderland Biennial, performance for public, Arnhem, The Netherlands – Artwork to spend the night in, Culture Campsite, Rotterdam, The Netherlands – groupshow, Ostrale Biennale 019, Dresden, Germany – groupshow, Kunstgemaal Bronkhorst, The Netherlands
– monumental photo installation, Rijnstate Hospital, Arnhem, The Netherlands. – Ohm Festival, Delft, The Netherlands. – Zeezout Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. – Groupshow outdoor, Aningahof sculpturepark, Zwolle, The Netherlands. – Outdoor groupshow, Alkmaar, The Netherlands. – monumental installation in a pond, Rijnstate Hospital, Arnhem, The Netherlands. – Silent Sky Project#82, Landgoed Hemmen, The Netherlands. – Outdoor groupshow, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. – Outdoor groupshow, Almere, The Netherlands.  
– Silent Sky Project#80 & #81, Ghaneshpuri / Vajeshwari, India. – Kerstvloed 1717 Outdoor groupshow , Groningen, The Netherlands. – Groupshow photograpy, Kunstgemaal Bronkhorst, Bronkhorst, The Netherlands. – Silent Sky Project#76 at The Night of Philosophy, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. – Groupshow outdoor, Aningahof sculpturepark, Zwolle, The Netherlands. – Urban Campsite Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. – Groupshow at International Festival of Technology, TU Delft, The Netherlands. – Heerlijck Zicht, Outdoor show at Diepenheim, The Netherlands. – Groupshow outdoor, Okkenbroek, Kunstenlab Deventer, The Netherlands. – Celibataire Divas, groupshow, Hasselt, Belgium. – Silent Sky Project#77 at Parksessies, Haarlem, The Netherlands. – Silent Sky Project#78 at Kerstvloed 1717, Noordpolderzijl, Groningen, The Netherlands. – Silent Sky Project#79 at Arte Concordia, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. – Boven de Polder de Hemel, outdoor groupshow, Assendelft, The Netherlands.
– Book: Out in Innerspace, 128 pages, publisher Kloster Bentlage, Germany – Upside Down, IBA parkstad, Heerlen, The Netherlands – Transmute: 2 year project for Code Rood, Arnhem, The Netherlands – Artefact: Up in the Air, groupshow and Silent Sky Project#69, STUK, Leuven, Belgium – groupshow, Cite International des Arts, Paris, France – Silent Sky Project#72 at international Sonsbeek’16 exhibition, Arnhem, The Netherlands. – groupshow Weather or Not, exhibitionspace MU, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. – Silent Sky Project#73 at Kloster Bentlage, Rheine, Germany – large solo exhibition indoors & outdoors, Kloster Bentlage, Rheine, Germany – Permanent work at international exhibition Sonsbeek’16, Arnhem, The Netherlands – Silent Sky Project#71 at festival Observatorium / Kleinpolderplein, Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Silent Sky Project#70 at IFAA platform & la Cite internationale de Arts of Paris, France – groupshow Galerie De Mijlpaal, Knokke, Belgium – Silent Sky Project#69 at center of the city of Leuven, Belgium – groupshow exhibition Artefact – Up in the Air – , STUK, Leuven, Belgium – Silent Sky Project#74 at MU Artspace, Eindhoven, The Netherlands – performance Radiation 05, Atelier Overijssel, Ijhorst, The Netherlands – Silent Sky Project#75, Schokland Scratch, Schokland, The Netherlands – performance & exhibition INSIDE IN, Museum Bronbeek- Sonsbeek’16, The Netherlands – permanent work TREEHEART, international exhibition Sonsbeek’16, Arnhem, The Netherlands – groupshow Galerie De Mijlpaal, Heusden-Zolder, Belgium – Radiation 05, groupperformance, Atliet Overijssel, IJhorst, The Netherlands
– groupshow –Silence Outloud-, Kasteel Kranenburg, Bergen, The Netherlands (curated by Joost Zwagerman) – groupshow IFAA at Climate Conference, Paris, France – duo show Galerie van Doorn, Arnhem, Netherlands – Twente Biennale, Enschede, Netherlands – outdoor groupshow, Heeswijk, Netherlands – solo large installation, Museum Modern Art Valkhof, Nijmegen, Netherlands – groupshow Urban Campsite, Amsterdam, Netherlands – Silent Sky Project#64, Rotterdam, Netherlands – Silent Sky Project#65, Gent, Belgium – Silent Sky project#66, Poznan, Poland – Silent Sky project#67 + exhibition, Uden , Netherlands – groupshow, Museum for Religious Art, Uden , Netherlands – Silent Sky Project#68 + exhibition, Filmmuseum EYE, Amsterdam, Netherlands  

– groupshow museum EYE, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

– groupshow Kunstnacht, Museum Modern Art Het valkhof, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

– groupshow Textile Museum, Tilburg, The Netherlands

– soloshow beach Hoek van Holland, The Netherlands

– soloshow Rotterdam Central Station, The Netherlands

– soloshow in the large room of Mediamatic, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

– groupshow Museum of Modern art CODA, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

– groupshow Museum of Religious Art, Uden, The Netherlands

– Silent Sky Project# tour in Moskou & St. Petersburg, Russia

SSP#62, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

– Silent City on national TV, 30 maart, Avro’s Kunstuur.

– soloshow;three floors – installations, photo- & videoworks. Galerie Bart, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

– outdoor presentation Grenswerte, Eurregio exhibition, Kloster Bentlage, Rheine, Germany.

– international art fair Art Rotterdam, presentation of Silent City, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


– solo exhibition Young Walking Trees. Museum of Modern Art Arnhem, MMKA.

– Walking Trees + installation. Landgoed Avegoor, Dieren.

– Walking Trees, Silent Sky Project# + exhibition, Center for Architecture CASLA, Almere.

– Walking Trees, Woeste Grond, Stichting G.A.N.G.

– Walking Trees, Provincie Gelderland, Arnhem

– Radiation performance, Museum for Modern Art Het Valkhof. Nijmeegse Kunstnacht.

– SSP#55, Rotterdam.

– SSP#56, Rhoon.

– SSP#54, Istanbul Modern museum, Istanbul, Turkye.

– Openingsperformance, river Waal, Beuningen& Ewijk.

– Outdoorshow X-ray camping, Urban camping, Amsterdam.

– Installation, kunst op de koffie, Arnhem ( work: War of the World)


– International exhibition IFAA. (Silent Sky Project#52) Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

– Contemplatorium-Vortex, center Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

– Walking Trees, actions and performances with small groups of people, different dates and locations.

– Euregio: Hengelo-Munster, Holland-Germany. Curator: Albert van der Weide (ssp#48 & 49, exhibition: city hall Hengelo and international airport Munster-Osnabruck, Germany.

– Landgoed Vosbergen, a series of paviljons and landscap interventions coming into exictence the next years. Fist paviljon: De Waterkamer / The Waterroom. Organised together wiht the estate owner Gijs van Dedem.

– Ostrale, Dresden, Germany. (ssp#50 + exhibition)

– Heemtuin Leiderdorp. Outside groupshow ( work: Love Tree)

– Breda, IDFX. Outside groupshow ( work: Instamatic)

– Museum for Modern Art the Kroller Muller Museum. ( work: Instamatic)

– Museum for Modern Art Arnhem, Gelderland Bienial, groupshow ( works: Philospoherstone, The Passing, Greenlight, performance series: Silent Conversation with You)

– project: Young Walking Trees, series of workshopdays wiht young people (16-20) throughout the province of Gelderland

– Gogbot festival, Enschede (work: Contemplatorium – Vortex)

– MAFF festival, Almelo (work: Contemplatorium – Vortex)

– Nijmeegse kunstnacht, Nijmegen, Museum for Modern Art Het Valkhof (work: Contemplatorium – Vortex)

– CMMAS, Morelia, Mexico. (ssp#51 + 5 day workshop)

– Marres, galerie, Maastricht. Groupshow. (work: Instamatic)


– Groupperformance, showroom GANG, Arnhem, The Netherlands. (work: -Here Now-)

– groupshow kunstenlab, Deventer, The Netherlands.

  (work: presentation Boermansk, new parking area for highway)

– International exhibition in public space in the center of Ankara, Turkye.

  (works: ssp#38, ssp#39 and large photoprint) Curator: Jerome Symons.

– Community art project -Zon op Zuid-, Arnhem, The Netherlands (work: Ligthtrees, three works)

– Gildemeesterplein, Arnhem, The Netherlands. ( work: groupperformance – Radiation 01)

– Solo exhibition, Kunstfort Vijfhuizen, Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands.

(works & projects: Can you See the Seer, Under your Skin, Sometimes I am Sad, Contemplatorium, Drone, Styx, As the World Turns, Viewmaster One & Two – model, Silent Sky Project# the photoseries, Silent Sky Project#42, Blue Room, Soundsourcing, Back to Nature, Honey, Contemplatorium – Vortex)

– Feu de St.Jean, Le Maupas, France. (work: ssp#40, ssp#41)

– Museumnight, center Arnhem, The Netherlands. (work ssp#43, Contemplatorium-Vortex)

– galerie KaDE, groupshow, Amersfoort, The Netherlands. (work: De Schreeuw)

– Galerie -Nieuwe Vide-, Haarlem, The Netherlands. (work: Live Saver, Moving-photo)

– Museumnight, center Haarlem, The Netherlands. (work: groupperformance – Touching Art)

– Protestant Community, Cothen, The Netherlans. (work: ssp#44)

– Community Art Project, Leiden, The Netherlands. Wijken voor Kunst

  (work: groupperformance: Meeting You Meetig Me & large photoprint)

– Presentation Culturele Atlas, showroom GANG, Arnhem, The Netherlands.

  (work: groupperformance Radiation 02)

– festival Art in Odd Places 14th street, New York City, USA.

  Curator: Ed Woodman, Kalia Brooks (work:ssp#46, ssp#47)

– Occupy Wallstreet, New York City, USA. (work: ssp#45)


– Groupperformance -UP-, Kroller Muller Museum, Otterlo, The Netherlands.

– Silent Sky Project#37, Jeruzalemkerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

– Out of Space, international show in natural area of Rottige Meente, Friesland, The Netherlands.             (work: Contemplatorium – Out of Space)

– Galery De Compagny, Veghel, The Netherlands. (groupshow, photography)

– festival 008, Arnhem, The Netherlands. ( work: Drone)

– Exhibition Tijdverdrijf, Brunssum, The Netherlands (work: Boslicht)

– festival Gij Zult Genieten, University Nijmegen, The Netherlands (work: Live Saver & Live Saver Air)

– festival Dag van de Dijk, Rijkswaterstaat, Heerewaarden (works: Live Saver & Live Saver Air)

– Brachen Siedlung, Stichting GANG, Nijmegen, Arnhem and RUHR 2010 european cultural

  capital-Duisburg, Germany (work: Born Into Heaven)


       –    Provincie Gelderland, Moving, performance with 688 people, Arnhem, The Netherlands.

       –    Galerie De Kluis, Arnhem, The Netherlands. (work: Contemplatorium)

       –    Galerie Showroom G.A.N.G., Arnhem, The Netherlands. (work: Candy Floss Forest)

       –    City of Gangjin, South-Korea. Silent Sky Project#28 – 29

       –    Uummannaq / Ikarasak, Greenland. Silent Sky Project#30 – 31 (spring)

       –    UFA fabrik, Berlin, Germany. Silent Sky Project#32

       –    Museum for Modern Art, Gorcums Museum, Gorinchem, The Netherlands.

            Project: De Vierde Verdieping & Silent Sky Project#33

       –    Kinitiras Studio, artist in residence, Athens, Greece. Silent Sky Project#34

       –    Festival: Into the Great Wide Open, Vlieland, The Netherlands. Nutuur Foundation

            (work: Forest Light)

       –   Sledge Project. Uummanatsiaq, Greenland. Commisioned by: Uummanaq Polar Institute


       –   International Artshow Ostrale 09, Dresden, Germany. Silent Sky Project#35 & outside show of

           20 large photo’s of the Silent Sky Project#

       –   Liverpool Bienial, Urbanism ’09, Liverpool, England . Silent Sky Project#36 & outside show of

           21 large photo’s of the Silent Sky Project#

       –   International Artshow IFAA, galerie/museum Oudekerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

           (work: Who Do You Think You Are)

      –    galerie SKCG, Arnhem, The Netherlands. (work: As the world turns & no-concept series)

  • Galery Sign, groupshow, Groningen, The Netherlands. (work: The No-Concept series)
  • Ifaa, international groupshow with dutch and african artists, Museum for Modern Art, Arnhem, & Africa Museum, Berg & Dal, The Netherlands. (project: -Who dou you think you are-)
  • Nature, Space and Time, recent aquisitions, Kroller Muller Museum, Otterlo, The Netherlands. (work: two photo’s Silent Sky Project#, #6 and #21)
  • De Kunstsprong, Vinexlocatie Lent/Nijmegen, The Netherlands. (work: STYX)
  • Voor Kolderveen en de wereld, Kolderveen, The Netherlands. (large scale outside show about Silent Sky Project# & Silent Sky Project#27
  • Second Sinopale Biennal, Sinop Turkey Silent Sky Project#26
  • Silent Sky Project#22 – #23 – #24 – #25 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (also at MAC Niteroi, museum for contemporary art)
  • Fort Asperen Leerdam, The Netherlands, international show; Closer to your Skin (work: Under your Skin)
  • Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Solo. (work: Life Line)
  • Kunstroute Zijpe, The Netherlands. (work: Shifting Horizon II)
  • workshop: The Heart of Art, Vilnius, Lithuania.

– Center for Architecture Nijmegen (works Autumn Piece, Under Your Skin, and more)

– Hinterland Projects, Nottingham, England (work: STYX)

– Festival Witte de With, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (works: Live Saver-water, Live Saver-Air)

– Havenkwartier, Deventer, The Netherlands, (works: Live Saver – Water, Lightcatcher, Double View & Waiting for the Moon)

– Kroller Muller Museum, Otterlo, The Netherlands ( sculpture garden, large Photo, ssp#21)

– Kroller Muller Museum, Otterlo, The Netherlands (ssp#21)

– Huntington Beach Art Center, Los Angeles, USA (overview entire Silent Sky Project# + ssp#20)

– CAC, Vilnius, Lithuania (ssp#19)

–  Landgoed de Horst / De Baak , CBKG (the work: Split View)

– Collingwood Art studios, Melbourne, Australia (ssp#16, show + action)

– Koori Heritage Trust, Melbourne, Australia (ssp#17)

– Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, Australia (ssp#18)

– Foto Museum, Den Haag, The Netherlands


– University Fransisco Gavidia, and National University, San Salvador, El Salvador ( ssp# 14 # 15)

– Museum of Modern Art, Het Valkhof, Nijmegen, The Netherlands (the work: Split View)

– Dag van het Veen, CBK Utrecht, Utrecht (the works: Travelling Light, Split View, Beam Me Up)

– Makor Gallery, New York City, USA

– Oerol Festival, Terschelling, The Netherlands (ssp# 13)

– Kroller Muller Museum, Otterlo, The Netherlands. (the work: Blue Room)

– Ramallah, Modi’in, Tel Aviv. Stichting Epicentrum, Palestine, Israel. (ssp # 10 #11#12)

–  University Utrecht, De Uithof, international show SKOL, Utrecht, The Netherlands. (ssp# 9)

–  Kunstenlab, Deventer, The Netherlands

–  Kroller Muller Museum, Otterlo, The Netherlands (the work: DRONE)

– Phoenix Art Association, Brighton, England (ssp#7)

– Casco Land SA, Cape Town, South Africa (ssp#8, Radiotower, Radioproject: Where is Home?)


Silent Sky Project# :

#3 : Nityananda Tempel: Ganeshpuri, India.

#4 : Musis Sacrum, Arnhem, The Netherlands

#5 : Post CS building/Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

#6:  University of Mexico, Mexico-City, Mexico

  • Festival WWW, Witte de Withstraat / Museum Boymans van Beuningen, Rotterdam
  • Tweeduizend, Waalstrand Lent, Nijmegen
  • Galerie Melksalon – Arnhem:
  • Museum of Modern Art Arnhem / Made in Arnhem:

–      HP Varenhorst Okkenbroek Devente


  • Galerie PA/////KT  – Amsterdam
  • Nieuwe Domeinen Amsterdam / Large international show in public space
  • Open Harbour Festival Amsterdam / Galerie PA///KT
  • Plein Publiek – Foundation Epicentrum / Project in big shoppingcenter Kronenburg Arnhem
  • Foundation Woman and Enviroment / Foundation wAarde, Baarn The Netherlands

–     UNEP United Nations Enviromental Program conference in Nairobi, Kenia

  • Museum St. Katharinenhof – Kranenburg Germany

–     Parking HomelessHome / University Nijmegen / Studentchurch   Nijmegen

  • Rijksgebouwendienst (central governmental organisation) – National Vaccition Institute, Bilthoven.
  • City of Arnhem, Theatrehall: Musis Sacrum


  •  PARALLEL//WEG A12 Duiven (Holland)

–      Stuttgarter Filmwinterfestival 16 – Stuttgart      Germany:

  • Festival Motel Mozaique – Rotterdam:
  • Palais des Congres – Montreux     Switserland
  • Hoogstraatmakers 102 – Vlaardingen
  • De Stad als Theater (The city as a theatre) – Zwolle:

–     Museum for Contemporary Art – Belgrade    Yugoslavia


– Kröller Müller Museum – Otterlo       

– Museum voor Modern Art  Het Valkhof –Nijmegen

– Technical University Delft

– CBK Utrecht Province of Utrecht      

– Museum for Modern Art – Arnhem:

– Foundation Visite – Citycentre  Delft:

– On the outside facade of the townhall –  Veghel                                                                                                                


– galerie Raid Projects OCCA     Los Angeles USA     

– Cypress College   Los Angeles  USA                                     

– De Baak management centrum VNO-NCW – Driebergen

– Cityjam i.s.m. Hooghuis – Arnhem

– Stichting G.A.N.G. – Arnhem

– PARK 4 DTV- Berlin Germany

In 1989 Sweere had his first show.

Rob Sweere has different publications  please check his website:

or Google – Rob Sweere